Private Jet

 A reliable partner for your flight

We arrange private flights worldwide. We are a long-standing, proven broker. We will reliably transport you to your desired destination. We can arrange a wide range of supplementary services, including transfers or accommodation at your final destination.

The journey to your holiday

A private jet is the ideal way to experience a wonderful holiday. We will prepare everything according to your requirements and needs, including fast check-in. The great advantage to flying privately is the privacy you get on-board and also the option of taking your pets with you for example.

Business trips

Business trips must be effective, quick, reliable and at a precisely set time. In this case, flying privately is the best choice and our flight operators are fully aware of these requirements.

Connecting flight

A private flight is also appropriate as a connecting flight to a scheduled flight. 1st or business class can be a suitable alternative for a long flight, but you may still have a long journey ahead of you at your destination - and that is why it is ideal to choose a private flight for the final leg of your journey. You will reach your destination more quickly and in greater comfort.


We are capable of arranging accommodation and other services at the selected destination

Our services are naturally based on arranging private flights and the immediately related services. However, we are one of the few companies that are also capable of arranging all the essential services at your final destination - this could mean connecting transportation, accommodation or turn-key planning of your entire journey. For this purpose we use professionals in the field of travel from the Exclusive Tours VIP travel agency, which is our exclusive partner.

We believe reliability and satisfaction come first

  • A personal approach - we always handle all your requirements individually.
  • Extensive experience - we will prepare the perfect solution and also recommend suitable supplementary services.
  • We are close by - we are always available to our clients.

Private Jet

Enquire about a private flight

Simply tell us where you want to go and when, and we will arrange everything for you.

 We can handle everything by telephone, contact us by calling  +420 777 533 696.

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Good food is an integral element of travelling comfortably. If you have any catering requirements, please let us know and we will do our best to make sure you enjoy your meal on-board. If taking-off and landing outside the Czech Republic, you must take local particularities and potential into consideration.

On-board staff

If you require, we can arrange on-board staff who will assure your full comfort.


Private flights are great because of the option to check-in quickly, and this also applies to the corresponding transfer to the aircraft. We can arrange this for you nearly anywhere in the world.

Special requirements

Do you need to transport non-standard luggage, a pet, or would you like a Monopoly game on-board for your children? You can request anything that can feasibly be arranged. Even small things can give a lot of pleasure and we want to make sure that you and your co-passengers get them.

Discreet services

No-one will find out about your journey.


We will be happy to arrange the corresponding accommodation for you at your final destination. We provide this service thanks to our exclusive partner, the Exclusive Tours VIP travel agency, which has extensive experience in the luxury segment.

We are a partner for business flights.

We can plan a reliable journey plan for companies for whom travelling is part of the normal job. And you don’t have to use private flights only, we can also arrange air tickets for scheduled flights, in any class you wish.

The advantages of a partnership

  • Complex travel service according to each company’s requirements
  • Complex travel service according to each company’s requirements
  • We will arrange private aircraft
  • We will arrange first, business or economy class air tickets
  • We will arrange connecting transportation and connections
  • We offer companies volume bonuses

Our customers’ favourite aircraft

Private aircraft afford you freedom in planning your journey because you can choose the date and time of your journey, taking into consideration the weather and airspace. Choose from the most popular private jets. Which one will you take to travel to your dream experience?

Do you have a specific idea that you would like to consult, or require additional information for a successful flight? Contact us and our flight operators will discuss everything with you in detail.

+420 777 533 696

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